A Quiet Place - final scene

SCREAMERS - trailer

Antigonick - Political/Media

"God is Gangsta" by Kendrick Lamar

I Used to Love You - Judy Soliloquizes///Triple Stack

sound by Tei Blow

Belle of Belfast - Curtain Warmer

"Alternative Ulster" by Stiff Little Fingers

a companion to the Peter Kerlin Octet album Salamander
Featuring music from the album

STUTTER (The Double-Take Remix)
for Top 40, I'm your host, Chris Schlichting
Featuring the music of Joe, Mystical, The Pharcyde and The Loving Spoonful
Video samples: Andy Gibb, Paper Lace, Mungo Jerry, Traffic, Bo Donaldson, Tom Jones, The Yardbirds, Michael Murphy & Dick Clark

CERCLE Simulacrum
sound by Tei Blow
for Big Dance Theater's Alan Smithee Directed This Play
footage from Melville's Le Cercle Rouge

Fractal R
featuring Coach Shane
text from Benoit Mandlebrot's The Fractal Geometry of Nature
music from Alejandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain

The Wedding Feast
for Big Dance Theater's Supernatural Wife
text from Rainer Maria Rilke's poem "Alcestis"

shot at Stony Creek Farmstead - Walton, NY
featuring Isaac

A Store of Sucking Stones
Jeff Larson & Zach Steel
text from Samuel Beckett's novel Molloy
with a music from George Harrison

shot at Stony Creek Farmstead - Waton, NY
featuring Lucia and Isaac
music by Antonio Vivaldi